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Aby Parsons
Atlanta, GA

Aby Parsons, Director of the LGBTQIA Resource Center at Georgia Tech, describes her graduating students as hungry, competitive, and eager to go where the good jobs are. But she says they’re increasingly looking at company culture and LGBTQ inclusion when making career decisions. Companies that lack a culture and policies that support LGBTQ staff members will have a hard time competing to recruit top talent and an even harder time retaining that top talent. That’s why many businesses are prioritizing LGBTQ-inclusion—including many of the top 20 companies to which Georgia Tech serves as a feeder school, such as Accenture, AT&T, Deloitte, Google, Home Depot, IBM, Microsoft, and PWC.

“Our students are becoming more and more concerned about what kind of workplace they’re going to enter when they graduate,” Aby said. “And I think our students are saying, ‘if I’m going to stick around with a company, it has to be inclusive, it has to have supportive policies, but more than that it has to have a visible culture or a welcoming culture.’”

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