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AC Dumlao
New York, NY

AC Dumlao is the program manager for the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund and identifies as queer and transgender non-binary. While many people know from a young age that they are either a boy or girl, that is not true for everyone; some people, including AC, know that neither term describes their gender, and so they come out as neither male nor female and use a term like “non-binary” to describe their gender. AC uses “they/them” pronouns.

AC often advises people in the workforce about ways to better support non-binary employees, customers, and guests. For example, AC said, companies could remove gendered signage from single-stall restrooms or offer a “fill-in-the-black” field for gender on official documents rather than select only either male or female. AC has also testified before decision-makers, including the New York City Council, which in 2018 passed a policy allowing people to receive gender-neutral birth certificates with an “X” gender marker. AC called the change “a step in the right direction to change this world of only two choices, two genders.”

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