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Ahmad Greene-Hayes
Princeton, NJ

Ahmad Greene-Hayes is a religious studies scholar who is particularly interested in the intersectionality of sex, religion, and gender. In his work, he hopes to bridge the gap between black religious history and black queer identity. The term ‘queer’ refers to an identity other than straight and cisgender (or non-transgender). Ahmad hopes his work will influence theologians, scholars, and religious practitioners to remove existing barriers regarding sex and gender in discussions of religion, and allow for a greater engagement with LGBTQ people in the church.

“It is the responsibility of the current and future generations of theologians, religionists, faith leaders, pastors, clergy, and lay leaders to move beyond the language of ‘inclusion’ and ‘exclusion’ regarding queer, transgender, and gender nonconforming persons, and to conceptually and literally dismantle queer- and trans-antagonistic theologies, ways of worshipping, theologizing, preaching, teaching, and being Christian,” Ahmad said. “Time is up, and queer, transgender, and gender nonconforming persons will no longer wait. We are the church.”

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