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Seattle, WA

Until she was in her 70s, Amy could only sparingly fully express who she knows herself to be. That’s because Amy is a transgender woman, meaning she was born and raised male but felt for a while that she is female. Although she came to the realization that she is transgender in her 40s, she felt that coming out and transitioning from male to female would mean having to separate or divorce from the love of her life. She didn’t want to do that, so she tried to suppress her desire to transition, and in 2008, Amy’s wife passed away. “I felt alone in the world and had to face the realization that I had to rely on myself—my whole, true self,” Amy said. “Following this slow process of maturity, I learned to lean heavily on the transgender community as a source of guidance.”

Now Amy speaks out about transgender people and the need for basic dignity and equality for all people, including LGBTQ people. Still, she knows there is ample opposition: “Between the politicians that have demonized us nationally, and organizations that are working nonstop to restrict our rights, there is a lot of misinformation being tossed around,” she said. “The bonds that unite us are strong because of the struggles we face together. As we look ahead, it is important to lean into that support so that we can continue to live our lives as who we truly are.”

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