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Austin Higgs
Richmond, VA

Austin is an educator, a graduate student, a community advocate, and a trans-feminine, non-binary person. In Austin’s case, this means that Austin was raised as a boy, but is a feminine person, and doesn’t strictly identify as male or female. 

Austin is completing a master’s degree in education leadership while also managing courses for nontraditional students at their university. Austin loves working in the field of education because it offers her a unique opportunity to advocate for others. In her current job, Austin feels welcome to bring her whole self. Her employers are supportive of their identity, including being respectful of Austin’s pronouns and the way she expresses her gender. 

“This is the first place where I don’t have to worry that being myself might get me fired, demoted, or harassed while on the job,” Austin said. “Ultimately, discrimination hurts our whole community, not just transgender people. Transgender people need to be protected from discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations. The time for action is now, because even one more person losing their livelihood or shelter or sense of safety is too many.”

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