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Brody Ray
Nashville, TN

In 2018, Brody Ray auditioned for America’s Got Talent, where he opened up about his story – included how he came out to his parents in 2010 as transgender. The crowd roared with approval and acceptance, and Brody said that his experience has been overwhelmingly one of support. Since the age of 3, Brody said, he began noticing something different about himself, and by the age of 8, he was diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder, meaning that while he was born as a girl, he felt strongly and deeply to be male. In 2010, he came out as transgender to his family and they began their new journey together, with Brody living every day as the man he has long known himself to be. Since then, Brody has chosen to share his story with many other musicians and fans of his music to help reduce shame and embarrassment around living an authentic life.

“I told my parents I couldn’t wait any longer, and that I would move to California and start my life as a man, or I could stay and they could help me as a family,” Brody said. “My mom broke down in tears because she felt she was losing her daughter. I reminded her I would always be the same person. We started our journey together and they’ve been supportive ever since. I’ve had quite a few transgender artists come up to me personally and thank me for the inspiration. That pushes me to succeed more than anything else. I want to show my LGBTQ community that we do not have to live within the societal confinements the world puts on us. We can live happy, successful lives just like everyone else because we are everyone else.”

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