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Carlos & Jaime Renteria
Wichita, KS

Married couple Carlos and Jaime Renteria own Los Compadres, a locally acclaimed Mexican restaurant in Wichita, Kansas. The men met in Dallas but later moved to be closer to Carlos’ family in Wichita, where they opened their restaurant and were welcomed by the community. Over time, they’ve expanded their business into a larger, fuller space. Both Carlos and Jaime say that their desire to provide the best experience for their customers is their number one priority, and they would never turn someone away for their personal beliefs, race, national origin, faith, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other reason.

“Our heart goes into whatever we send out,” Carlos said. “I couldn’t begin to imagine saying to someone, ‘I won’t serve you because your beliefs don’t match mine.’ We just want people to enjoy themselves while they’re here, plain and simple. Being a business owner is an opportunity to serve our community — all of it —and there’s no reason to hurt someone or cause pain.”

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