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Charlie Kerr
New York, NY

In March of 2014, a judge granted Charlie Kerr the right to change her name from Charles Marshall Kerr to Charlie Marion Kerr. Although her name change was approved, the judge inserted language into the order, stating: “This name change does not constitute proof of change in gender.” Such language does not appear in the name change orders of non-transgender people, and its inclusion raised the possibility that Charlie would be subjected to unwanted scrutiny whenever she presented her name change order to someone. With the help of TLDEF, Charlie filed a motion to remove the language, which was granted in May 2014.

“I was simply trying to bring my legal documents in line with my true identity,” Charlie said. “I appreciate the court recognizing my name change and deleting words that stigmatized me and jeopardized my privacy and safety. Now I can move on with my life as the person that I am.”

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