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Dan & Gus Kusch
New Hampshire

Every day, Dan Kusch counts himself lucky that his local New Hampshire school district has been so supportive of his son, Gus, who is genderfluid – meaning he doesn’t identify as male or female, but expresses characteristics of both. While many people who identify with the gender they were assigned at birth express themselves by wearing androgynous clothing, Gus’ inherent sense of gender is something fluid, in between or outside of male or female. He wears his hair long, and dresses in more feminine clothing. He’s fielded the occasional taunt from a classmate, including the question, “What are you?” But Gus, confident in who he is, just shrugs it off with that perennial teenage catchphrase: “Whatever.”

“By and large our community and school have been extremely affirming of Gus,” Dan said. “Folks in Gus’s school have been so great to say we need to put these policies in place for Gus. But the school district also knows it already has many gender-creative kids in it at all age levels. This isn’t just about Gus. It’s about making a gender-safe school district for everyone.”

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