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Dana Pizzuti
Scotts Valley, CA

A board-certified physician employed in the pharmaceutical industry, Dana Pizzuti transitioned on the job three years ago. Dana was born and raised male but long understood herself to be female, and so in the mid-2010s she transitioned to become the woman she’s always known herself to be. Married to her wife Stella for three years, Dana is also a proud mother and stepmother and has written a book, Transitioning in the Workplace, a guide for transgender people, their coworkers, and employers. Read more about the book here.

“It is crucial for LGBTQ persons to be able to live their lives authentically and without fear of harassment or discrimination either with respect to employment, health care, and access to public places,” she said. “Research has shown that diversity is important to success of businesses and other social groups; having representation from the LGBTQ community is an essential component of diversity.”

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