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David Bachman
Atlanta, GA

Born and raised in Atlanta, David Bachman has been involved in Republican politics since he was young. He organized young Republican groups in high school and college and worked tirelessly to get young conservatives to support GOP candidates. He campaigned for President George W. Bush in high school, was on the Students for McCain Steering Committee during college, and later served as Saxby Chambliss’ County Coordinator. But one thing David can’t get behind is a small but vocal minority in his party who are trying to advance legislation in Georgia and around the country that could open the door to discrimination against LGBTQ people. For David, who is gay, dangerous anti-LGBTQ legislation goes against the conservative, principled Republican Party he is proud to support—and he’s certain it deters some independents who might otherwise be receptive to conservative ideals.

“There are so many people out there who support job growth, lower taxes, more personal responsibility and individual freedom—and I think equal rights falls under that category,” David said. “And so when young people especially hear these politicians deny their family and friends, they are immediately turned off and look the other way. All people should have the same rights and receive the same service as any other person. I don’t think one person should be denied the same service that would be provided to someone else on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity. And no one should have the right to simply ignore any law they deem contrary to their religious beliefs.”

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