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Debi Jackson
Kansas City, MO

Debi has spoken about her experience raising her transgender daughter Avery to many parents’ groups, has written about her own journey, and has seen several of her speeches go viral. Avery was born male but expressed from a young age that she was a girl, and so she transitioned and lives every day as a girl. Avery and Debi have appeared in newspaper articles, on the cover of National Geographic magazine, and on the radio; and Avery’s even published a children’s picture book called It’s Okay to Sparkle.

“Trans people have existed forever,” Debi said. “Problems with discrimination have existed forever. They are not new. This is simple – it’s about helping people who need help. That’s what we’re supposed to do in this country – we help people. We don’t judge people for their differences. It’s imperative that we don’t use religion as a basis for rights or freedoms, or anything of that sort. I don’t believe in using religious ideology of any kind to determine who gets rights and who doesn’t.”

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