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Eric Golden
New Hampshire

“Coming to terms with the idea that my son is not my son, but rather is my daughter, had to be one of the most challenging obstacles as a father that I have faced,” Eric Golden said, reflecting on being the father of a child who is transgender. Eric’s child was raised male, but early on in her life she asked both of her parents if they could please raise her as a girl. “ A few years ago, she wanted to be a fairy for Halloween. She wore the fairy costume constantly,” Eric said. “One night she said to us, ‘Don’t judge what’s on the outside of the fairy costume. Judge only what’s inside.’ I realized that this has nothing to do with me. It’s not about me. It’s about loving my child as she is.”

Eric and his family live in New Hampshire, where transgender people have been protected from discrimination since 2018. Now he wants all transgender children to be accepted, appreciated, and loved for who they are, in every state. “Loving our children unconditionally as their authentic selves is a father’s highest calling and the greatest motion we can make is that of love,” he said. “It’s about allowing people to exist. My daughter deserves the same rights and privileges as a citizen that all of my children receive. All transgender people are worthy and have a right to be who they are. I strongly urge all of us to embrace and hold true what is most loving.”

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