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Fran Hutchins
Easthampton, MA

Fran Hutchins, Deputy Director of the Equality Federation, was placed in foster care the day after she was born, and eventually adopted and raised in a healthy, loving home in Birmingham, AL. Fran considers herself lucky: After meeting her birth mother, Fran learned that she grew up in a series of group homes, where she was neglected and felt unloved. As an openly lesbian woman, Fran feels it is wrong for states to consider allowing adoption agencies to discriminate against potential LGBTQ adoptive and foster parents.

“To be sure, there are many factors that go into finding the right home for a child. But criteria for placement should be based on the needs of the child, not the religious affiliation of an agency. Prioritizing an agency’s desire to discriminate against gay people over the needs of a child to have a loving home sends a terrible message to the young people waiting to be adopted, to the LGBT people who long to be parents, and to taxpayers who are being forced into funding this discrimination.”

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