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Gabe Pelz
Atlanta, GA

Gabe is a transgender man, and his daughter Rye is his world. Rye was around four years old when Gabe first started explaining to her that he is transgender and that he would be transitioning. Although Gabe was born and raised female, he persistently felt that he is male, and so ultimately he transitioned to live every day as the man he has long known himself to be.

Gabe said it was always a top priority for him as a parent to have an open, honest, and communicative relationship with his daughter, because that’s the type of relationship he always had with his family. When he transitioned, that priority didn’t change. Unfortunately, Gabe experienced severe discrimination at the job he was working at the time — harassment that got so severe he ended up leaving the position. And while that derailed him for a bit, he now works for a very supportive company, and his relationship with his daughter is better than ever.  “There’s so much hate in the world – why contribute more to it?” Gabe asked of opponents of dignity and equality for transgender people. “I’m the same as anyone else. And I tell people, I’m a better person since I transitioned. I’m a better parent, a better brother, I’m a better son because I am now truly happy with myself.”

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