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Jess Bierling
West Des Moines, IA

In the mid 2010s Jess Bierling came out as transgender several years into her tenure at WellsFargo. Jess was raised male in St. Louis but felt from a young age that that didn’t quite fit. She felt more connected to her feminine side. She said that “out of fear” she ignored those feelings, trying instead to embrace being a man, playing sports and joining the Army. She moved to Des Moines to study actuarial science while grappling with her gender identity.

Jess came out to her wife as a transgender woman in 2010 and a few years after came out at work. The reception was positive, and Wells Fargo’s Employee Assistance Consulting helped Jess develop a plan to transition in place. Jess came out to her team and other coworkers by reading a letter about her experience. Her manager and colleagues were supportive. “It’s weird, because I’m the same person, and yet a change happened,” she said. “Friends can’t place what it is about me that’s so different, but they can tell that I’m happier than I have ever been. I know that’s due to coming out.”

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