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Jim Brooks & Bob Campbell
Tucson, AZ

Jim and Bob are a married couple who at one point were living in a retirement community for older adults in Arizona. Bob had suffered a stroke, and his doctor recommended pool exercises as physical therapy for Bob to begin his rehabilitation. The couple went to their facility’s pool, and Jim helped Bob enter and stay balanced once he was in the water. However, shortly after, people started crowding around the pool and harassing the couple for being there, simply because they love one another. After seeking help from their Homeowner’s Association, Jim and Bob were told that no one would look into the matter, and after repeated instances like this, the men concluded that the housing facility was simply unsafe for LGBTQ people. Jim and Bob moved away from the community, which was a huge financial burden for them.

“It’s hard to even relate the humiliation and fear we felt that day,” Jim said. “The look of pain and agony on Bob’s face as we drove home still haunts me, and I worried that the trauma would affect his recovery.”

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