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Jordan Evans
Charlton, MA

Jordan Evans has always grown up with conservative values. From a young age, the idea of small government and individual responsibility resonated with Jordan, who hails from Massachusetts and serves as Town Constable in Charlton. As an adult, Jordan began to understand that she is a transgender woman, meaning that while she was born and raised male, she deeply felt herself to be female, and so she transitioned and now lives every day as the woman she has long known herself to be. As she contemplated coming out, she found herself without much of a roadmap to look toward when it came to reconciling her gender identity with her conservative politics. That’s why for Jordan, much of her energy has been directed at helping Republicans come to support basic dignity and humanity for transgender Americans.

“Support for transgender equality is not something pigeonholed just to one side,” she said. “Full LGBTQIA equality is an American value – not something that should be reserved for political capital. That should be a motivator to stay and keep fighting, because the more of us that there are and the louder that we are, that’s when things will begin to change. Equality is a multi-partisan issue. Equality is an American value.”

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