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James Feltner & Joshua Melton
Clay County, KY

Joshua Melton and James Feltner, a married couple with two children, suffered housing discrimination when one day, ten months into their 12-month lease, they were contacted by their landlord and told they had six hours to move out because they are gay. “I should have never rented to the faggots,” she said. Because of this, Joshua and James had to move virtually all of their belongings into storage and live on a series of friends’ couches until they could find another place to call home. The struggle affected them financially as well. They had to put down an unexpected security deposit on a new residence and pay to have things moved.

“We didn’t break our lease – she broke it,” Josh explained. “But we still ended up having to pay for it. We fought it, and then she finally admitted, ‘Well, maybe I did call him a faggot.’ And the judge still found her not guilty. That was the verdict. Nothing was done about it.”

“People may tell you you’re a nobody and you’re just a little poor kid from Clay County, but you have to fight for yourself,” James added. “I just don’t like seeing somebody being brought down, because we’re all equal.”

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