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Kai Alexander
Alexandria, VA

Kai Alexander is a servicemember currently serving in the United States Army. Several years ago he came out to his wife and son as transgender, meaning that while he was raised female, he thought for a long time that it didn’t quite fit – that he identified as a male. At the time, he was thrilled to receive support from his family, but he was worried about how his commanders and military unit would react. He was embraced, and in fact, many of Kai’s fellow soldiers came to him for advice and education on what it means to be transgender and why something like respecting people’s pronouns is important. Kai has now transitioned and lives every day as the man he has long known himself to be – and in the face of attempts by the Trump administration to ban transgender people from serving in the military, Kai says he has never been more ready, willing, and able to serve his country.

“On the day-to-day grind, my battle buddies have my back and realize I am an asset to the force, not a burden,” Kai said. “While there are people out there who believe we are not fit to serve, I am reminded that the only thing that matters is whether or not I can do my job. I will continue to lace up my boots and serve until the day that I no longer have the option of doing so.”

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