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Kathryn Lenth
Casper, WY

Kathryn Lenth is a mathematician and computer scientist who formerly resided in Casper, WY as a professor at Casper College. Kathryn was raised as a male, but felt for a long time that that didn’t quite fit. During her tenure at Casper College, she began to publicly transition, coming out as the transgender woman she has long known herself to be. Unfortunately, she began to experience hostility, but she loved her job and wanted to continue in her position. However, when the college removed protections from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity from its employment nondiscrimination policy, Kathryn knew this was the last straw, and she and her partner made the tough decision to leave Wyoming.

“My experience as an LGBT person—as an open LGBT person—in Casper was that we were tolerated but were not accepted by most people, and certainly not welcomed,” Kathryn said. ‘[When] the Board of Trustees removed sexual orientation and gender identity from the nondiscrimination policy, that was sort of a signal to me that they just didn’t want me there.”

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