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Katie Stengel
Sandy, UT

Katie Stengel’s love for soccer is inextricably linked with her passion for her faith, Christianity. As she navigated her way through her soccer career, including her current time with the Utah Royals, a professional soccer team outside of Salt Lake City, she believes that her faith has called her to support all of her teammates, including those who are LGBTQ. She is a proud ambassador for Athlete Ally and is working to make the sports world more inclusive for people across the LGBTQ spectrum.

“I am a Christian because I’ve accepted God as my savior, and the way I live a life that brings glory to His name is by loving my neighbor as myself,” Katie said. “Despite any differences we may have, I have no room to judge. I am instructed to show love towards anyone I come in contact with. … I see girls [on my team] from all walks of life who may share my love of soccer, but have opinions and lifestyles so different from mine. Does that mean I love them any less? Does that give me the right to say that I am any better than them? Does that mean I can judge them for not being a straight Christian girl like me? No. … My teammates are simply players who possess a certain skill set. This ability doesn’t change given their beliefs or their sexual orientation.”

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