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Katy Sorensen
Miami-Dade County, FL

Katy Sorenson has worked tirelessly to make sure all residents of Miami-Dade County are treated equally under the law. In 1998, as a Miami-Dade County Commissioner, she was the primary sponsor of a proposed policy adding sexual orientation to the county’s human rights ordinance. In 2014, she helped make sure her county approved nondiscrimination protections based on gender identity. Since then, the former Commissioner has worked to make sure her transgender friends and neighbors receive the same fair treatment that everyone else does.

“So many transgender people — even those who have resolved their own questions of identity — live in fear and are subject to insults and discriminatory treatment,” Katy said. “As the prime sponsor of the 1998 ordinance, it’s heartening to see our community moving forward to embrace all minority classes of people, especially those striving to be their authentic selves in a difficult world — and asking only for acceptance and the right to live peacefully, free from discrimination.”

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