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Krista Anderson
Holland, MI

Krista Anderson is is a licensed clinical psychologist and works for a non-profit Christian mental health service provider. Krista also has a deep personal connection to transgender youth: She has two 15-year-old twins, both born female. One of the twins expressed from a young age that they identify as male, and so as a teenager he transitioned and now lives every day as the boy he has long known himself to be. Krista said her son Will has always been quite private and introverted, but when she noticed Will’s choice of dress and speech, she broached the subject, asking if everything was OK. Will broke down and opened up, explaining that he felt more like a boy than a girl – and from there, Krista and her family embarked on a journey that has led to Will’s transition.

“Full equality for everyone is one of the foundational principles of the United States of America,” Krista said. She’s made it part of her work to bring her employer up to date on the importance of being LGBTQ-affirming and LGBTQ-friendly. “America is not a safe place for just some people to feel protected and comfortable. It’s a place where everyone needs to feel accepted, welcomed, safe, and protected – in school, at work, at restaurants, in the airport, when they’re using the bathroom, when they’re in a locker room, when they’re talking to a store clerk or a public official, when they’re speaking to a teacher or a boss or a neighbor. That’s what needs to change, and that’s why we need to keep pushing forward.”

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