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Kristyn Weed
Tucson, AZ

Kristyn Weed enlisted in the Army in 1975 and served as a paratrooper and radio and communications specialist with the rank of sergeant. She’s served in Germany, England, and Norway, and in 1990 she retired with an honorable discharge. Her Army responsibilities sparked in her a deep passion for radio communications. After her service she became fascinated by radios, exploring this interest deeper while on the road as a truck driver. And during that time, she also found it possible to explore life as a woman, the woman she had known herself to be inside for so long. Kristyn is transgender – while she was born male, she has transitioned to the woman she has long known herself to be.

“This is how I have internally experienced myself my entire life: From some of my earliest conscious memories, to this very moment my gender identity has been consistent within myself,” she said. “I was not made this way by an event, or a person. Nor did I wake up one day and decide that maybe it would be more fun, more exciting, or more interesting to be a girl. I already was one. One does not decide their gender identity; it just is. All one needs to do is look inside themselves to see this is empirically true.”

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