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Linda Rogers
Epsom, NH

Linda Rogers considers herself lucky. She’s a transgender woman – meaning she was born male but for a long time understood herself to be female. Linda has been active in the movement for transgender equality and dignity for decades, and in that time she has heard many stories about transgender people who have experienced discrimination. Still, Linda says she’s been fortunate that in her personal and professional life, people have always seemed to accept who she is. One very important place that Linda has been able to live openly is in her church. She’s a member at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Concord. When she officially transitioned, she hid no part of the process from her congregation. All of her fellow church members were incredibly supportive and even asked her if she would take on leadership positions.

“Basically, I was able to educate our whole congregation and, by extension, many people in that particular forum, just by being who I am. I don’t pretend to be anything other than a trans person, and that’s my way of bringing these two communities—the trans community and my faith community – together,” she said. “I show them I’m just somebody else in the faith community, who does the work, who cares. Being out there and involved and being a caring member, that’s more effective, especially if they find out later on I’m trans. I just show up and they can learn that I’m a good upstanding citizen whose blood is red just like theirs.”

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