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Mitchel Pyles
Milford, NH

Mitchel Pyles has lived in New Hampshire for more than 25 years. He’s especially proud to call the Granite State home now that its laws protect all people from discrimination, including transgender people like himself. During the campaign to pass transgender nondiscrimination protections, Mitchel spoke to lawmakers and on social media with the goal of making transgender people and the challenges they face more visible. In a hearing on the bill, Mitchel shared a story about facing discrimination. While at the doctor’s office for a routine sinus infection, the doctor said that they didn’t feel comfortable treating a transgender person. Mitchel has also been discriminated against by state agencies, at one point being denied a court filing and turned away from the DMV when while attempting to change drivers license information. Sharing those sorts of stories, Mitchel said, helped spur change and underline the importance of nondiscrimination protections.

Mitchel wants all say to all people who are transgender: “You have value and are important members of our communities. Being transgender has made my life more rich and given me opportunities that I would not have had otherwise.”

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