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Neca Allgood
Syracuse, UT

Neca Allgood, who has three children, including her transgender son Grayson, owns a small business with her husband and has been a Republican for nearly her entire life, identifying strongly with what she calls the party of fiscal conservatism. For years she worked to change the Republican party from within, steer it back to a party she viewed as fair, with an eye toward individual responsibility and small government. In recent years she has been less likely to identify as a Republican, but her strong conservative values persist.

“As a government, we have to look at what we have and apply that to our priorities – and for me, supporting housing and employment nondiscrimination costs next to nothing but is so impactful to so many people,” she said. “You can definitely make a compelling conservative argument for that. If you believe in people being able to work and provide for themselves, if you believe in hiring and firing someone based on how they actually do their job and not to things that are irrelevant, then supporting workplace protections just makes sense.”

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