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Penelope Hudson
Louisville, KY

Discrimination is often insidious. There can be a series of moments and encounters until the discrimination is so overt that the victim hardly can comprehend how it escalated without them being fully aware. That’s what happened to Penelope Hudson, a lesbian woman in Louisville, Kentucky who was fired from her job after more than fifteen years there, following years of mistreatment and gender stereotyping.

“Each time I brushed up against my supervisors, I kept thinking it was a one-time incident, a one-time incident,” Penelope said. “But I realized after I was fired that these were not just one-time incidences. They all came together. I realized after I was fired that my supervisor hated lesbians, and that they were going to get rid of me. It’s honestly hard to believe sometimes. I’m recovering, and I’m getting my life back, but initially, they ruined me. They wanted me to feel worthless, like I couldn’t do anything. But that wasn’t the case – I was good at my job.”

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