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Peter and Sarah Tchoryk
Dexter, MI

Peter and Sarah know what it’s like to watch their child grapple with discrimination – and through their work organizing with transgender advocacy groups like the National Center for Transgender Equality, they’ve seen the importance of speaking out and pushing back against discrimination. While it’s been challenging to see anti-transgender rhetoric shared so publicly, the couple knows that as we confront prejudice, we also change minds. Their child is transgender, meaning he was born female but expressed consistently and repeatedly from a young age that he is female, and so he transitioned to live every day as the boy he has long known himself to be.

“People need to know that many schools, ours included, successfully provide for the safety and privacy of every child – whether that child is transgender or cisgender, part of the majority or a minority,” Peter and Sarah said. “Our schools provide training to staff on diversity and inclusivity and educate students on differences, including transgender differences. It’s proven, and it works. We’ve reached a point in our family that anti-transgender sentiment only strengthens our resolve to tell our story, educate, and stand up for the rights of the transgender community.”

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