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Quinn Hudson
Decatur, GA

Quinn works in the DeKalb County school system and has been attending the Decatur First United Methodist Church for more than 30 years. He teaches adult Sunday school, and he volunteers at the Arrendale Women’s Prison and on the Appalachia Service Project as part of the church’s mission outreach. Quinn strives to live his life by Methodist doctrine, which teaches that one’s relationship with God, community, and the world is founded on four pillars: scripture, reason, experience, and tradition.

Quinn is married with four adult children, including three daughters and a son Wallace, who is transgender, meaning he was born female but expressed from a young age that he is male, and so he transitioned and now lives every day as the man he has long known himself to be. For Quinn and his family, coming to terms with his son’s gender identity was a process—much like their faith journeys and their commitment to social justice. “I brought to my relationship a love for my children as paramount,” Quinn said. “To me nothing would undermine my unconditional love for my children, and I learned about unconditional love through my faith journey and through my studying scripture and being active in the Methodist Church. I never had second thoughts, doubts, questions – other than trying to understand what he was going through. It never crossed my mind because I loved him unconditionally, and everything else was detail.”

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