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Rachel and Frank Gonzales
Dallas, TX

“What it feels like to transgender is to be yourself in your very own way,” said Libby Gonzales, a young girl who lives with her mom, dad, and two siblings in Dallas, TX. Libby is transgender, meaning she was born and raised as a boy but expressed from a young age that she is a girl, and so she transitioned and now lives every day as the girl she understands herself to be. Libby puts it more simply: “I have a boy body, but I’m a girl in my brain and my heart.”

Frank and Rachel Gonzales, Libby’s parents, just want what is best for their child. “Every parent wants their child to express themselves and be true to who they are,” Frank said. “No parent wants to say, ‘I know you feel this way, but you should hide that.’ No parent wants to say that. As a parent, we are called to love our children.”

Libby’s transition has been an integral part of Libby’s childhood, and Rachel explains that following her transition, the family was inundated with affirmation from teachers, classmates, and other parents who said they had never before seen Libby be so confident, outgoing, and self-assured. Still, Rachel and Frank know it’s not all easy and that discrimination against transgender people is not uncommon in Texas and beyond. “There are some days that a lot of tears are shed, and not because I’m upset to have a transgender child, but because I know what she’s up against,” Rachel said. That’s why the parents are speaking out in support of LGBTQ nondiscrimination protections. She continued: “I want the very best for her in life, and it’s terrifying as a parent to know that my child will have significant struggles in life because of who she is.”

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