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Rachel Hoff
Washington, D.C.

Rachel Hoff is an openly gay Republican woman who resides in Washington, DC. In 2016 Rachel made headlines across the country when she addressed her party’s national convention and moved for an amendment asking the party to recognize and value marriage between same-sex couples equally as all other marriages and move away from a platform that spoke only of “traditional marriage.” While her amendment failed, Rachel says she does not regret her actions and hopes to continue to try and move the party closer to acceptance and understanding of the LGBTQ community.

“It seems to me that there is just an organized, concerted effort to avoid any positive reference to the LGBT community in our platform,” Rachel said. “It means that we’re publishing a platform next week that sends a message to not only the LGBT community, but the growing number of Americans and Republicans that support the LGBT community, that we don’t want their vote and that we’re not interested in representing their views in our party.”

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