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Revs. Kentina and Naomi Washington-Leapheart
Philadelphia, PA

Revs. Kentina and Naomi Washington-Leapheart are two Black, queer-identified ministers who work full-time in activist and movement spaces. They have a young daughter, Sophia; and while to some their identities – as both ministers and queer parents – may seem contradictory; to them they cherish the opportunity to lead full and vibrant lives. They remain cognizant of  what their faith calls “powers and principalities”; namely, racism, sexism, and homophobia, among others. Their very existence as a family is an act of defiance. It is important to both women that as they continue to raise Sophia, that they are upfront and honest with her about the realities of their lives and any struggles they may face in addition to support and acceptance.

“We believe that lessons in moral integrity start at home, not only in our words to our children but also in how we embody our commitments to justice and mercy,” they said. “We believe that this ethic of love and justice has the capacity to change the world for Sophia and for future generations—including the children she herself may one day mother too.”

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