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RJ Aguiar
Los Angeles, CA

When RJ Aguiar first decided to make a video on YouTube declaring his bisexuality and addressing many of the questions that he had received online, he thought that he would probably run out of things to discuss in the first video. However, following the video and a flurry of questions about his bisexuality, RJ started the #AskaBiGuy series. In the time he spent making that series – and the activism he engaged in surrounding the series – he learned so much more about the bi, pan, fluid, and queer (bi+) community, which includes people who are attracted to people of all genders.

“My video got such a reaction, and there was a flood of traffic from people who were like, ‘Oh wow, there’s a bi guy talking about his identity, and we’ve never seen that before,’” RJ explained. “I got a flood of messages and comments from people who wanted me to talk about my identity more. To me, that illustrated an apparent need for something like that. I was really just learning about bisexuality with that first video, but then I started reading more about it myself and was learning all of these things – I learned along with the audience there.”

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