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Sean & Sarah Carroll
Durham, NC

When Sean Carroll came out as a transgender woman, her wife Sarah was the first to know. Sean was born and raised male but knew for a while that she was female, and so eventually she transitioned and now lives every day as the woman she has long known herself to be. Throughout these initial months of figuring out what her new life as a woman meant for her, her marriage with Sarah was always front and center alongside their devout Christian faith. Sean and Sarah recognize that their specific challenges are quite unique – most married couples don’t go through a gender transition together. But they also know that all relationships endure hardships, periods of discomfort, and moments where neither partner knows exactly the right thing to do. Together, all couples learn from each other and move forward.

“Coming out together was really interesting,” Sean said. “Really what was on both of our minds was how we were going to be perceived by our family and our friend group and everything, together as a couple. We had to talk through when we wanted to share things and include people in our journey so that we could say goodbye to the least number of people that we could. Throughout this process, Sarah had my back, so we could go at a smarter pace. I can’t imagine transitioning by myself without having Sarah by my side.”

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