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Sgt. Zane Alvarez
Tampa, FL

In 2015 Sergeant Zane Alvarez, a medical officer in the U.S. Army, was approached by a coworker at a party who saw that something was troubling him. Though he was worried about her reaction, Zane disclosed that he was transgender, meaning he was born female but felt for a long time that this didn’t quite fit, and so he transitioned and now lives every day as the man he’s long known himself to be. His colleague was quickly accepting, asking him which pronouns he preferred. Zane would later come out to his unit, where he was glad to find respect and understanding and has been told on more than one occasion how impressive his work ethic and openness about his story is.

“My goal is to be the best leader and example for my future soldiers. We all [transgender soldiers] stood there proudly raising our right hand and said the Oath of Enlistment with conviction. We all want to be here to fight for our country and to protect the people we love.”

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