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Sheila Pogue-Krabacher
Wilmington, OH

When her child Aidan came out as transgender, Sheila Pogue-Krabacher had no question about how to react: She and the rest of her family embraced him immediately. Although Aidan was born and raised female, he expressed repeatedly from a young age that he is a girl, and so Aidan transitioned from female to male and now lives every day as the boy he has long known himself to be. One day, Aidan made the announcement that he was interested in wrestling. To help her son, Sheila had a meeting with the local high school’s assistant principal as well as an intervention specialist to talk through how everything would work. One day during practice, Sheila received a call from Aidan: The wrestling coach had effectively outed Aidan as transgender to the entire wrestling team, called him by the wrong pronouns, and insisted he was not allowed to use the boys’ facilities.

“The school should do what they said they would do, which is to provide all staff, parents, and students education on transgender and LGBTQ students. They must support these students and give them ability to succeed,” she said. “People fear what they don’t understand. Everyone wants to feel accepted in their own skin; the most important thing we could get out of this is to have policies put in place that protect students. If we can help other students, this is all worth it. I’m a Mama Bear, and when you bully my kid, that’s unacceptable.”

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