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Shevrin Jones
Hollywood, FL

Shevrin Jones is currently serving as a state representative in Florida. In 2018 he came out publicly as a gay man, becoming the state’s first openly gay African-American legislator. Shevrin, who is the son of a minister, said he was inspired to come out more publicly after the death of his brother, who passed away at the age of 34, the same age Shevrin was when he came out. “I was like, that could have been me,” he said. “I could drop dead living behind the scenes of something that could have helped someone else. I started living my truth just a little bit more.”

“Mark my words: Now that I’m living my truth, if I am never elected again, I’m OK with that,” Shevrin said. “Because there are so many people right now who are in office, in places of high stature, who are not living truthful lives. If me living my truth is a reason to vote against me or vote me out, then I’m OK with that.”

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