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Zander Keig
Jacksonville, FL

Zander Keig doesn’t like to have his identity distilled down to just his gender identity. He knows that his life goes beyond the fact that he is a trans man.

“There are many facets [of my life] that I could share,” he said. “For example, I’m a military veteran. I worked for the Department of Navy and directly assisted more than 200 active-duty servicemembers with their gender transition pathway navigation. I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I’m a published author and editor of trans male nonfiction. I’ve been married for 17 years to an amazing woman. I’m a first-generation Mexican-American high school dropout and former special education student with three graduate degrees. I was raised Roman Catholic. I have served on the National Association of Social Workers’ National Committee for LGBT Issues since 2013. I have a seminary graduate degree in theology.”

Zander is also a Conservative. “Regardless of our political differences or social differences or socioeconomic differences, we have lots of things that unite all of us,” he said. “I wish we could focus on the issues that impact the majority of trans people and put the politics behind us. I get that politics come into play and impact trans people, but I wish there was a way for us to come together and at least talk.”

Zander knows that too often, trans people’s lives are simplified to their gender identity, and that does a disservice to everyone. He wants to see the national conversation around dignity and respect for trans people go beyond identity.

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